Todd Planet Mr. Todd Planet Guy with all the Todds

Changes here! When I get three chicks, they are welcome guests in my house. When I have 24 chicks, not so much. The Todd Nebula moved outside last week, which was working pretty well. I sent them out as a big clump of Laikas to see what Outer Garage was like. I started them off easy, with their boxes lidded, and then left it off during the day, then l left the lids off all the time. They are over four weeks now (more than halfway to Carrousel) and are pretty well feathered out.

What does this factory make? Nobody knows.

Today’s innovation, as we moved the hens upstairs, was to connect multiple boxes with pop holes so they can move in between boxes. Again, with 3-5 hens on a normal year, I would be fine with one box for 6-8 weeks. Not so this year. I know this looks like a brokedown Hooverville, but it’s going pretty well. If I had a farm and was doing this yearly, of course I would dedicate a shed or build some large pens for young birds.

The hens explore their new space.

When they get flightier in a week or two, they will be completely covered or trellised.

The new space was disconcerting! Not all of the hive could see each other at once.

Kraienkoppe decided to be spokespullet for the first group that I had shoved through the pop hole so they could get the idea of where their food and water was.

Once she found her way back to the light, one of the new Easter Eggers took up the charge.


So, 24 chickens. I say to thee, “never again.”

6 thoughts on “Todd Planet Mr. Todd Planet Guy with all the Todds

  1. Every time I see one of your chickens posts I want to go out and get chickens. I’m really lazy, though, so it would probably end in heart ache. Also: squeamish about killing animals.

  2. I try to remember it’s all frontloaded effort and the part where the care is really intense if for just a few weeks, then they are pretty good to go in the yard. Of course I clean the coop, but otherwise hens 8 weeks and up can be managed in minutes a day. I’m not looking forward to the end of the Todds either, but this is something I’d like to learn how to do.

  3. I’ve been obsessed with Cat Planet and Raocow for at least a month now. I know there’s more, but I am content with cat planet.

  4. Ooo, I like the use of trellis. For outside use, still needs a backing of metal mesh to keep out the rodents, but the trellis provides a convenient stiff frame and attractive facade for it. In contrast, installing the mesh in our run was a massive pain, the way I went about doing it.

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