Morgan’s Story

On Monday night, I got a very excited text from the casino. The next morning I got the rest of the story.

“I woke up and I had this funny feeling!” Morgan said about Monday.

“Me too,” I said. “I was like, excited for no reason. Slightly manic.”


“Well, for me it was probably the girls being back at school after spring break…”

“ANYWAY! It was weird. I checked my horoscope. ‘Today is a lucky day for Cancer with money,’ it said. I thought about that. I went to work. Everything was great! I told my co-worker near the end of the shift that I had this funny feeling and we needed to go to the bingo hall.

“We’re about to close and she calls her boyfriend in Olympia who is driving up and says ‘TURN AROUND AND GO HOME MORGAN SAYS WE HAVE TO GO TO THE BINGO HALL.’

“We get to the bingo hall and it’s closed! Everyone is leaving and the workers are standing around going ‘closed early, closed early,’ who knows why? So I told my friend that we had to go to the casino!”

“Wow,” I said.

“I went in planning to spend only $40. I started on a slot machine and BAM, I won $37. I put it into my wallet. Then I played again, BAM! TRIPLE SEVENS! The payout was $500! All the old ladies surrounded me and said ‘Oh, honey, what did you get?’ and I said ‘I GOT THE MONEY I NEEDED TO PAY FOR MY DIVORCE!”

Last night she came home from work and said that most of the staff had heard the news about her winnings.

“Were they trying to marry you?” I asked.

“No!” she said.

“Watch out for gold diggers.”

“You should have played the Lotto, dude.”

“Ah, I don’t gamble ever,” I said.

“It was hard to put that money into the bank,” she sighed.