This is how we do it

Typical biweekly Friday night email from me…

From: SJ
To: SeaFed
6/1/12 7:46 p.m.
Subject: Franny is on the 8:05 [eom]

From: SeaFed
To: SJ
6/1/12 9:30 p.m.
Re: Franny is on the 8:05 [eom]

I don’t use a smart phone. You’ll have to text or call me regarding drop off.

From: SJ
To: SeaFed
6/2/12 8:00 a.m.
Re: Re: Franny is on the 8:05 [eom]

Can you send me your number? I switched carriers. Thanks. Sorry, I must have been mistaken about you using a smartphone in the middle of the day for non-business purposes.


This is when we were emailing about Franny being sick recently. I knew I wasn’t crazy (about this). These are from the same thread.

Now I’m just imagining him grabbing people’s smartphones throughout the day at random.

Hey how’s your life now that prohibition’s been lifted? Oh wait, we’ve always had liquor. But you would not think so due to the frantic hurricane-levels of preparation and looting at my QFC last night. I got wine and 99 cent shampoo, because no matter what I get, Strudel pours three-fourths of it down the drain on her first go.

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