Conversations with a teen-aged girl

206-xxx-xxxx Jul 14: Heyy its Hailey. you should let me get marcellus’s number

206-xxx-xxxx (Hailey) Sep 24: You about to do the math homework> Do we turn that shiet in or tape it in our notebook ?

Hailey Sep 25: Robert didn’t come get this 5

Me: Wrong number, Hailey.

Hailey: Who’s this

Me: Not someone who knows what the math homework is or what Marcellus’s number is.

Hailey: Wtf are you tweakin ?!

Me: No, I think you might be, though. I was just trying to do you a solid and let you know you’re texting the wrong person.

Hailey: Lol oh who is this

Me: Mayor McGinn. Pay attention in school. Your spelling’s horrible.

Hailey: Lol wtf your retarded

Me: “You’re.”

Hailey: Fuck you lol


Hailey: Is this marcellus

8 thoughts on “Conversations with a teen-aged girl

  1. Oh em gee. I had one of those earlier this year. It was some dude trying to “holla” at a girl in his class. I played along with him until he called her/me stupid. Well, a stupid girl. Then I lost my shit and went off on him. Told him he shouldn’t talk to girls that way and that he was the stupid one. Then he tried hitting on me. For realz.

  2. When I read this first I was going to ask you why didn’t you text back “Describe what Marsellus Wallace looks like!”.


    Did she know what you meant by “Do you a solid” I wonder?. You hip Momma!. :)

  3. Wow.. pop culture hivemind. I immediatly went to “What does Marsellus Wallace look LIKE!! Does he look like a b!tch to you!”

  4. At least it was entertaining. The only random texts I get are from people sharing funeral times/info for their deceased relatives. This post makes me want to cut my hair like Mia Wallace’s again.

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