Lazy Crazy Days of Summer

This morning I woke up and the sun was low. I worked for a while and then it popped its head up through the trees and started eating the mist in my yard, which was swirling around. The mist and air reminds me of being in the woods foraging for mushrooms. The temperature has just been perfect–not muggy-hot, but not cold, either. Cloudy and hazy in the morning and then it burns off by the afternoon.

I took the girls out last night and P. made a fruits basket while I was out.


We celebrated my sister’s birthday on Saturday. She is 26. Can you believe that? She used to guest star on this joint as a high schooler. I remember when I was 26. I was in library school! I had pink hair then and chickens. So much has changed since the…uh.

We went on a harbor cruise and then to dinner on one of the piers. The theme of the day was photobombing.


Rilly girls. The hits just keep coming from this comedy duo.

Franny: I will wear the crab hat for five dollars.

Strudel: I will wear it for NOTHING.


In today’s matinee, the part of Sally Draper will be played by Franny, who was not only wearing this dress but then promptly ordered a “Roy Rogers.” That is her grandfather all over. She spent a week with him at the beginning of the summer at sailing camp, exploring her WASP roots.

Morgan strokes the hot lemon towels.

I took a quick shower before we left to meet Morgan and her fella and when I got home I washed my face and all this dirt just sheeted off it. Holy crap! Summer pollution ahoy. Soon the rains will come back and stick the pollutions to the ground again.

4 thoughts on “Lazy Crazy Days of Summer

  1. Looks like so much fun! In the first picture I totally thought Morgan was Franny.

  2. I still want to stick our 6s in a glass room together and see if they’d be superduperpooperscooperbestfriendsforeva or chew each others faces off. Either way, it could be interesting.

  3. Happy Birthday to Morgan! I recall some hijinks in 2004 with chocolate covered cherries? And those blogathon posts were so damn funny.

  4. I remember when you were in library school with pink hair. And stories about your sister. She’s all grown up!!! Franny is amazingly grown up now also. I love and am super envious of her funky dress.

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