Hathor the Cudinator

I can barely see a little wall in my house so I am still hard at work.

Started curing gravlax today for a dinner on Thursday, considered rendering beeswax (I need more supplies like cheesecloth and a pot I can ruin). Yesterday we worked the bees per usual and then Franny and I went to Display and Costume and Goodwill to find elements of our Twin Peaks costumes for the contest. I will make a mini album of the process. Both of our costumes are going to be complex and we will model before striking out for Fall City in July. I will publish right before we leave. I know this sounds paranoid but I don’t want anyone to scoop us since they are such good ideas. I don’t know if we’re approaching the Cockeyed levels of awesome, but we are excited.

I’m hopping back into a Whole 30 tomorrow to reset some of my habits, so today I made farewell banana/pecan/cinnamon waffles with syrup and P’s strawberry peach jam. Tomorrow I will be a good monkey and finish up lessons in natural logarithms. I will be glad to have log out of my life for now!!

13 thoughts on “Hathor the Cudinator

  1. So envious of your TP fest trip! I think if I were to do a TP related costume, I would be the percolator with a fish in it.

  2. That’s a brilliant idea. IMMA STEAL IT. Just kidding. I cannot believe this will be my third trip.

  3. Am I a comment killer? No one else has dream TP fest costume ideas? Has anyone done One Eyed Jacks-style playing card theme lingerie?

  4. No one cares what I am up to! It’s the perils of a relatively placid existence. Makes for a boring blog. :)

  5. All vaguely One Eyed Jacks Type lingerie is gross Alice in Wonderland slut themed. Who was the costume designer for those episodes, I wonder? They should do something with Agent Provocateur, right?

  6. A: I thiiiink (this is me having spent way too long thinking about this) that the girls are supposed to look sort of fancy schmancy like queens on playing cards? Which yes, def. ties to Alice in Wonderland too. Very Frederick’s of Hollywood.

    Dotty: Sounds fun!!! I might be up there this fall as well for kicks because filming is starting.

  7. Oh PS it seems like there is always someone dressed as a girl from One Eyed Jacks which is fun.

  8. Oh, I have to send this article to my sister. I think the way it was done is almost perfect, except for Donna. Her costumes are pretty schizo. I just watched one of the last episodes on Monday and she looked more like Audrey Horne (gamine sweater with rose appliques and some kind of a line skirt). The 50s/90s is kind of perfect too with Washington State being rightly considered a backwater then and the town so close to Canada. My eye is now trained to be hyper about what costumes are conveying but I don’t think costumers were so insanely en pointe until Janie Bryant/Mad Men. I could be wrong though.

  9. FURTHERMORE, she said, spamming her own blog, it’s funny how 90s/fetal grunge Bobby Briggs looks while the girls around him are more Nancy Drew. None of the men on the show are really 50s except Dick Tremayne (natty) and Sheriff Truman as that kind of outdoorsy type, I don’t think the suits count because men’s formal/work fashions are so glacial.

    Ok I am really procrastinating on my math here. I am doing diameter/area conversions and it is hurting me.

  10. Lord of the Rings had aspects of it, too. In any case, Lord of the Rings sort of kicked off the push to *document* the work that went into it.

  11. TsDott: Thank you for that article! I enjoy thinking about how costume designers interpret scripts and then how viewers interpret the costumes. Best line from the article: Twin Peaks was the original murder mystery knitwear show.

    SJ: It is so weird how anachronistic the fashion is in TP! And I do think it influenced grunge in some weird way. I am procrastinating taking out a ceiling boards in the basement. Wheeeeee!

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