PNW’ed 20: Terrorflu Edition

I started writing this after taking a giant dose of Theraflu. I was having weird dreams when I got sick. I realize this is horrible quality…so it will fit in with all the others. *rimshot*

And no, there’s no punchline. I got bored and went into a Theracoma shortly after.




16 thoughts on “PNW’ed 20: Terrorflu Edition

  1. I had a really corney dream the other night that I looked out the window and Claude was chuggin along in this tiny little old beater of a car and he was all crammed in. I cracked up in the dream and that was it. LOL short and sweet. Dreams are weird when your sick or pregnant.

  2. I thought “heronly friend” was like some superhero bird, supersmart, frog-eating, crazy haired friend. But like, “her only” probably makes more sense.

    I hope your dreams remain strange and do not come true.

  3. Ha ha ha ha. I love the way you draw the characters.

    I thought it was very bizarre that when I got this flu intestinal thing I actually was hoping for the end of the world. I was like: Why doesn’t the world just END already–what’s with all the continual suffering? I.e., I lost my mind. I’m really hoping I die with something quick and don’t linger because I’m going to be an invalid from hell.

  4. Oh shit, I,Asshole! Am I too late for de-lurking week?
    And should you be taking thera-flu while pregnant?
    (that’s how rumours get started…started by the jealous people)
    hee hee

  5. So, this one year, on New Year’s Eve, I had a flu of like 102 and I needed to buck myself up and get to work (I was a drug dealer at the time and, believe it or not, that is one of the busiest days of the year). So, I mixed a bunch of rum with Theraflu, dubbed it a HouliHammer, slammed that bitch down and set to.

    It was awesome.

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