Hi, my internets shit the bed again. Oh Qwest, you are so my nemesis. They came today and fixed it though, after no-showing twice and showing up randomly without being scheduled (of course I was out). I have a super slammed day today, involving seeing some Ye Olde iJerks down at Benaroya Hall tonight, followed by a date with my babydaddy (new one, not the broken one).

I have so much to tell you! I ran into my ex-in-laws (DUN DUN DUNNN)! I dyed my pubes to match my hair! I thought about this one time at band camp!

Say “hi” if you’re an iJerk and you’re there tonight. I’ll be wearing the nametag that says “HELLOOO MY NAME IS Nick Belkin!”

7 thoughts on “I AEIN’T DED

  1. DUN DUN DUNNN! What happened? I hope you told them that you dyed your pubes to match your hair. Just as a conversation opener.

  2. Hi! Just Googled “doggy love” and your site was the first to pop up (from a post of yours back on November 4 2001, which was, ironically, my 21st birthday), so I’ve been checking out your blog. That’s all!

  3. I am so jealous of you that you get to dye your top and bottom hairs whatever color you want, man. It’s not fair! Argh!
    (But it’s way cool, too, and you are my hero.)

  4. Hiya Nick! Sorry I missed seeing you at the iJerk shindig. I had to go to the aeroport and thus left early.

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