Soy un Perdedor

I have the Ronettes stuck in my head.

“Beee my, be my babeee!”

“Why you saying ‘baby,’ mom? Why you putting cheese in the mac and cheese?”

“Because that’s what goes in mac and cheese. Cheese.”

“Why you making me mac and cheese?”

“Because it’s lunchtime and….”

“Why’s that man outside doing that?”

“I don’t…see a man.”

“A squirrel! Why that a squirrel?”

“Well, because….”

“Why I have a heart sticker?”

“Because the library gives them….”

“Why there’s more noodles?”

“Why’s it raining?”

“Because god hates us.”

WOW! I finally finished a sentence. GO ME. NAPTIME!

Ah, same shit, different year.

2 thoughts on “Soy un Perdedor

  1. Oh, I remember that phase. I remember saying “Don’t you dare ask me another question unless you actually care about the answer!”

  2. I remember that phase too. It made me realize how little I knew (know?). Like why is the sky blue and all that jazz. There were days I had no idea I could say “I don’t know” so many times.

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