Sniffing Lines Off Your Peter O’Toole

A quick post to say (oh please dark lord let this be a quick post I have a shepherd’s pie in) that Things Are Happening. I know, again, right?

One: promoted at work, which has been sapping my creative energy even more than usual. Interviewing, grinding on new stuff, new team, new tools. I am tired. It’s ok. If I am going to be behind a desk, it’s going to be for as much money as possible. It is fun to get promoted in less than a year. I guess it was kind of an unofficial goal.

Two: going to FogCon this weekend, mostly to visit friends. I have not really written anything properly in like two years. Lame. So I will not be workshopping or anything, but it will be fun to go and soak it up. A long time ago I read a graphic novel about a prostitute and her jobs, and one I remember was how she got hired to stay with this guy who did coke all night and made her jack him off all night and couldn’t get a boner but wouldn’t let her leave. I feel like I’ve jacking my own jock futilely for months to try to get some creative urge back. Maybe FogCon will finally be the boner-kicker-offer. Uhh. I should have pictures from that, anyway.

Three: Court! Did you know you could carry on with court without half of the parties actively participating? I am dying to tell you about the old GAL but I will sit on it for a little while longer. Three words: small claims court. WOW BONUS COURT. SeaFed has kind of wandered off. He was supposed to sign some papers to agree on the new GAL by January 30th, but sort of…didn’t…and then sent an email to my lawyer with his signature attached a month late. Except it was the weirdest thing, there was no signature or anything attached. He was then called several times and did not respond to any of it. And then somehow insisted his signature was attached despite all evidence to the contrary? This sort of reminds me of the dumb ongoing argument we used to have about the lid to the hamster cage in a way I can’t quite explain, except, you know, this is about our kid and in a court of law and such. Long story longer, the commissioner decided to sign off on the new GAL without him. So I guess we are having court without him? For now? I did not know this was possible.

Four: Every weekend that I am home, I am now cooking Indian food. I LOVE IT. I was intimidated for years to really go for it and make ghee and stuff, in spite of the fact that Whippet’s husband was always waxing on about how awesome it was to grind your own curry (okay retired M$ millionaire, I’ll get right on that). But now I am gheeing and spicing and making paneer and shit. Level up! Again, pics to follow soon, and I hope they will be less nauseating than instagram.