“If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

(Lewis Carroll)

I think I need to wave some sage around for a minute. I am NOT dissolving into a pile of goo. Life is still happening. Today we played Whoonu and Clue and cleaned the house. Last Thursday I went to the doctor for my rosacea. I was actually delighted to be going to this dermatologist, because she has received some reviews on Yelp so horrendous that I assumed she was going to march right out of a Larry David comedy, but she was fine.

I don’t care that I am pink so much. I had a terrible friend who was always pleading with me to get some of that green makeup and cover it all up, but I kind of like being pink, actually. It’s just who I am. I hate it when people try to change things in you that you are okay with and are not hurting anyone. I was getting tired of the pain that came with my cheeks flushing. It turns out that the cream she gave me cannot prevent that. Oh well.

And of course we had Halloween. I took so many pictures that I was dreading sorting through them, ho ho.

We carved pumpkins:


Spider Web

A lot of my pictures turn out blurry with this new camera. Basically, I wanted to get the newer version of my old Canon Elph which I loved. I feel like this one is less point-and-shooty. I need dumber technology. I just do not have the energy for anything complicated in my down time, you know?

P. Pumpkin


Self Portrait with Bandaged Ear, 1889


I VAN WENT around like this all day. GET IT??? HA HA HA HA.

Franny as a witchy poof:


Strudel went as an Owl:


But P. did the BEST thing, assuming you have ever seen the show Community.

Get ready…

Get set…


I drew the lines and then shaved him down with a small electric razor I have.


It’s Star-burns!



At the end of the night, there was LOOOOOOT!!!


There’s a few more new unique ones on Flickr, if you’re so inclined.

14 thoughts on ““If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.”

  1. Hello kind and unkind readers. I am still working on this photo-linking thing with Flickr. I’ve had an email about it (thanks) and I want to say that what is behind the photo links is the same photo on flickr marked private in an attempt to keep my flickr from being redundant with what’s on my blog, as when I had blog photo on Photobucket. There is nothing new behind the links. I will tinker with this issue this week. I am the Queen of Kludge Attempts. CIAO.

  2. Oh my goonies! Not sure if you know who Mattress Mack is, but in Houston, this guy is an icon, he owns Gallery Furniture and P. Totally looks like a young Mattress Mack!

    I suddenly feel closer to you all…:)

    The girls are totally adorable, and you rocked all your costumes…I, too, have 2 girls who chose to be a vampire and the other a “dark angel”…this will hopefully not lead to future baby goth fashion attempts…They are TEN… =-/

    Glad you had a good one :)

  3. Golly, I’m so glad I eventually checked out your blog!!
    Reading your story is both scary and comforting: I have two chidren from two different fathers, and I am beginning to struggle with the custody arrangement which separates them every other weekend and half of school holiday. What will the future be like?

    On the comforting side, you seem to have found such a balance, and happiness, its inspiring…

    Ooh, and I love the halloween costumes, especially the one channelling Van Gogh, it’s brilliant! :)

  4. Hi Lady E. Good luck on your new path and thanks for reading. It’s a hard life. My only non-solicited advice is to stay consistent and keep doing what makes you happy, it helps with staying sane.

  5. Wow, I thought *our* costumes were cool. I did not think that about our pumpkins. Our pumpkins were sad. They were so bad they were almost good. Yours are fabulous.

    Don’t change a thing by the way.

  6. Hello PNW’ed friend. Loved the Halloween costumes and pictures. The 50/50 arrangement sounds soooooo hard on everyone. It makes me teary and verklempt for Franny. I’m saying a prayer for her (and you). <3 <3 <3

  7. “I hate it when people try to change things in you that you are okay with and are not hurting anyone.”

    Thank you for mentioning this. I, too, am vaguely pigcoloured. “Dott,” they say, “you’d look sooo much prettier with a tan. It’d probably help make those blemishes less noticeable, too.”
    And I always feel like that’s some kind of backhanded stabbing, because I spend an extraordinary amount of energy on avoiding the sun. Leave me and my keratosis pilaris-riddled arms alone!

  8. Tsarina, if it makes you feel any better, I had KP til I was 26 and it’s gotten MUCH better. Almost gone.

  9. SJ, that’s really good to know. It got a lot better once I hit puberty, really, but it’s still quite noticeable.
    However, given my current stage of life, I am obligated to note that WHAT NEED WOULD I HAVE FOR LOOKING GOOD WHEN I AM ALMOST 30 AND CRONE-LIKE.

  10. Hey, I want to take back on my previous comment. Un-do! Un-do! I just re-read your opening line and I realize you are saying that you are fine and that life is going on. Sorry for unwanted sympathy. Please forgive me. Someone recently came up to me and said, “Oh, Debbie, I saw such and such on tv and it made me feel so sorry for you!” I said, “Uh, what? Why?” Her answer, “Because of the racism.”

    OK….. I wanted to say, “Don’t feel bad for me, lady. I don’t feel bad.”

    How come when you need sympathy you can’t find it, and when you don’t need it is pouring out of the mouths of every Tom, Dick and Harold?

    So, I am glad you are faring well. Gambatte kudasai!

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