And the cloud that took the form

This morning the daffodils are tilting forward gently, like they do right before their heads pop open. I like it–I have this vision of some fancy old timey lady with a lot of costume jewelry and a cigarette on a looong holder.

But before that! I dreamt I was having sex. Something was in my mouth and I could barely breathe…was it a paper napkin? (I suspect I was snoring.) No matter! I was having sex! Then I woke up. OH, SAD. But WAIT! I just dreamt I woke up, because then my alarm went off for real. I keep waking up at about 3:30, gripped with anxiety and all my dreams for the rest of the night are pretty much bad ones.

This weekend was busy busy busy moving sorting cleaning things. Goodwill runs! Changes are afoot, I will tell you in a few days. Nothing bad, I swear. I also moved the Todds into their own Todderdome. Now the hens are on their own with three spare Todds. They are getting VERY LARGE already and running around like whirling dervishes with their feathers growing in. I cannot believe how fast it happens.

Otherwise, it is quiet here. I am doing little crafty projects that were laying around like loose ends. I hung some pictures I had been neglecting since I moved in August. I was trying to avoid the cluttery feeling of my old too-small place, but I think there is room for a few more things around. I hung family pics on the wall in one of the staircases, not too straight. P. was helping. “Wabi-sabi,” he commented.

I am always wabi-sabi. I am putting up another mirror soon that I had ignored because the label was covering a crack in it, and I was insta-cross when I brought it home, but now I have reconsidered. It’s okay hang a cracked mirror, I guess. I don’t understand why these things change sometimes.

Also, it would not be a weekend without a stupid argument with my babydaddy that I actually LIKE. This is sport.

“I’m going to hang up that poster of clouds that I’ve had forever,” P. said, as I was doing some dishes.

This is where it immediately goes off the rails and some people (not me) are sorry they opened their mouth at all.

“Really, why?” I said.

“So I can see what the weather will be like.”

“SEE? WHAT THE WEATHER WILL BE LIKE?” Suddenly I was Gordon Ramsey on goofballs. “It’s GREY, you stick your head outside and it’s ALL GREY!”

“That’s not true at all,” he said. “There’s lots of different weather patterns here and you can tell if it’s going to rain and–”

“OF COURSE IT’S GOING TO RAIN, IT IS THE PNW! Save your poster, here is the only chart you need.”

I drew a chart for him on the fridge where the grocery list normally resides.

“Now in the Midwest there are actual cloud patterns besides grey–” I began.

“I don’t want to HEAR about the MIDWEST,” he said. “At least I know how to spell ‘G-R-A-Y.”

“GASP!” I gasped. He walked off. Where would either of us be without our weekly pointless bickering? The girls basically pass the salt over us when this happens now.

I also spent a little solo time with Franny, who needed a skirt for a field trip to the Symphony. I already mentioned this on the Twittergraph, but I was holding up not-pink things, because she does not dig the girlie pink stuff, and she was also insisting, “BLACK, ONLY BLACK CLOTHES.”

I teared up, for real. You can kind of tell we’ve been watching a LOT of Drag Race right now. Franny thinks of these types of shoes in a fabulous man context so we had to have a little breakdown about the clear stripper shoes. “Ladies wear these too, hmm,” she said.

9 thoughts on “And the cloud that took the form

  1. oh my god, that walk (and smirk/smile at the end) was so overwhelmingly cute that I just threw up a little in my mouth.

  2. The smile at the end it too twee! LUV it. She’s getting so tall! Turning into a right young lady, she is.

  3. OK, this is weird, because I TOTALLY HAD THAT DREAM LAST WEEK. In my case, it was a gumball from a machine that I was given prior to sexytimes commencement, but it started expanding and sticking to my teeth and the roof of my mouth just when things were getting good, and manpanion had to interrupt sexy funtimes to help me peel the gum out of my mouth so I could breathe, and there was SO MUCH GUM, like in the end we had a tennis ball’s worth of ABC gum to stick on the bedpost. It was white gum, too. My subconscious is all about the single-entendre I guess. (I also spell “grey” with an e. “Gray” is far too cheerful-looking to be properly descriptive.)

    RuPaul is a national treasure. We can all better ourselves by watching more Drag Race. My mom recently commented on a picture I posted where I looked halfway decent, and said something about how I must be psyched that pregnancy hadn’t given me swollen moonface, and I was all “No, it has, but I’ve been learning how to contour my cheekbones by watching Drag Race!”

    In short, your kid is inspiringly awesome, it’s properly spelt GREY, and drag queens will save us all from mediocrity.

  4. Ha ha ha! “Manpanion.” Really, this is all awesome and thank you for the grey solidarity. Oh, and congrats on your impending babby(s). :D

  5. Ahhhh! Fridythirteen! I often have that dream. It is so gross. Wads and wads of gum that I can’t get out of my throat. My therapist said it could have to do with an unfortunate incident that happened to me as a young girl. The perp was grown man… I probably couldn’t breathe….I am not sure if that’s what my dream is about or not. I’d like to think it has more to do with not being able to communicate. And sometimes I have it when I am getting a cold and throat is swollen. So there’s another possible cause for the imagery.

  6. OMG Krumpy – that gum dream was awful even just having it once! If it was reoccurring (like my ongoing dream about missing all of an Essential Economic Building Blocks course and having to build something massive and mathematically functional for the final, only all the Legos are gone so they’ve given me Kinex…ok I’ve said too much) — Well, anyway, it was super-stressful and I was all heart-poundy and freaked and breathing hard when I woke up. I think I must’ve been smothering myself with my pregnancy pillow, in retrospect. I would have a hundred Terrible College Course dreams before I willingly signed up for the gum dream again. Sympathies/empathies to ya.

    And thank ye SJ – is just the one babby being formed, but I must gush hormonally a bit and say that reading your blog over the years helped convince me (when “surprise! You’re up the duff!” became apparent) that I would maybe be able to raise my own not-messed-up child without having to undergo a complete personality transplant in the process. So thank you for making it look doable! And interesting!

  7. Fridythirteen — SJ has also convinced me that I might be an ok to good mom. (Sj is an excellent parent, I only hope to be ok). But that is not why I came back to this post. My therapist (new lady) said that my dream sounded like I was trying to let out a scream. Munchen-like. Only if I scream then I have to feel feelings… : / so “adult me” is stuffing that scream. So, are you stuffing a scream?

  8. Aw, you two! Thanks so much for the kind words. I am cogitating on a post about being broken (meaning me, not throwing stones here) and parenting for later this week.

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